Advanced Trading Workshop

The New Advanced Trading Workshop

Comprehensive Layered Trading Solutions

To improve their trading profitability and consistency, traders seek support to satisfy a range of needs:
  • Trader education
  • Indicators and systems to help them improve their results
  • Qualified, successful traders whom they can watch to see how it is done well.
  • Qualified, successful traders to suggest trades.

Therefore, the Advanced Trading Workshop has decided to offer products and services to satisfy all four layers of trader needs:

  • Total Trader Training SM

  • Indicators, systems and tools

  • Main Trade Room

  • Real Time Trade Room (RTTR)

  • Broker Assist Program (BAP)

Key Trading Success Factors

It is very difficult to become a consistently profitable trader. 95% of those who try fail. Just one deficiency among the key trading success factors will significantly decrease your probability of success.
  1. Market and trading knowledge, skills and tools that address price, volume, time, trend, structure, exhaustion and impulse mode;
  2. Trading systems with proven edges that fit your personality and risk profile;
  3. A trading plan that defines what, when and how you will trade;
  4. Position sizing to manage risk and maximize your probability of success;
  5. Trading psychology to help you recognize and manage issues; and
  6. Sufficient trading capital.

What Type of Trading Solution Do You Need?

If you want to be a successful trader who:
  • Fully understands and creates his own systems from a set of well researched tools, then click here to check out Total Trader Training SM
  • Applies techniques he learns by watching successful traders at work, then click here to check out our Main Trade Room.
  • Subscribes to have an experienced trader suggest trades to be executed by the trader's broker, then click here to check out our Broker Assist Program (BAP).